A Toolbox Filled With Report Controls

Like any form in Visual Studio, it includes a Property Window with extensive properties for each element of the report, and also adds its own Toolbox filled with report controls, and a Report Explorer with a tree view of report controls.

Visual Studio Dark Theme

The Dark Theme is automatically applied to the Designer and extended to Active Reports Designer element like Reports Library, Layer List, Report Explorer and Group Editor.

VisualStudio Designer

Report Layouts

Section Report Layout

Presents reports in three banded sections by default: page header, detail and page footer. You can remove the page header and footer, add a report header and footer, and add up to 32 group headers and footers. Drag controls onto these sections to display your report data. Reports designed in this layout are saved in RPX format.

Page Report Layout

Reports in pages where the same page layout can be used throughout the report or separate layout pages are designed for complex reports. Reports designed in this layout are saved in Rdlx format.

RDL Report Layout

Defines reports that are data driven and have flexibility in the report’s layout. This layout grows as you continue to add data and tools to the report. Reports designed in this layout are also saved in Rdlx format.

New Tools for the VS Designer

ActiveReports 13 Conversion Tool

The ActiveReports file converter allows you to upgrade your existing reports from previous versions of ActiveReports (ActiveReports 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 3, 2, and 1) to the latest version.

Report Explorer

The Report Explorer gives you a visual overview of the report elements in the form of a tree view where each node represents a report element. Section reports, RDL reports and page reports are composed of different types of report elements, so the Report Explorer shows different elements in the report tree depending on the type of report you have open.