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    Install ActiveReports
    In This Topic

    Installing ActiveReports involves obtaining the ActiveReports NuGet packages from the website or locally from the installer. See Available Packages for more information on ActiveReports packages.

    Installing Packages from NuGet

    GrapeCity ActiveReports 14 references are available through NuGet. When you add reference to GrapeCity.ActiveReports package, a set of core engine assemblies are added to the application. Use following steps to find and install the NuGet packages in your application:

    1. Open Visual Studio.
    2. Create any application (any target that supports .NET Standard 2.0).
    3. Right-click the project in Solution Explorer and choose Manage NuGet Packages.
    4. In the Package source on top right, select
    5. Click Browse tab on top left and search for 'GrapeCity.ActiveReports'.
    6. On the left panel, select GrapeCity.ActiveReports.

    7. On the right panel, click Install.
    8. In the License Acceptance dialog, select I Accept to proceed the installation.

    Installing Packages from Local Source

    Obtain NuGet Packages

    Using the installer (ActiveReports-v14.x.x.0.msi), you get a complete setup to get started with ActiveReports, along with the NuGet packages. See Installed Files for more information.

    The following steps install complete GrapeCity ActiveReports 14 product on your machine, and provides NuGet packages.

    1. On your system, double-click the ActiveReports-v14.x.x.0.msi file or right-click the file and select Install.
    2. On the End-User License Agreement screen that appears, go through the terms in the License Agreement.
      • If you want to continue with the default installation settings, select the check box to accept the license agreement and click Install to continue with installation.
      • If you want to change the default installation path and the way product features are installed,

        1. Select Advanced and click Change.

        2. Specify the path for the installation and click OK.

        3. Click Next and select how controls, features, and samples are installed and integrated with VisualSudio versions.

        4. Select Install.

    3. On the User Account Control screen, select Yes to allow ActiveReports software installation on your PC.
    4. Once the installation finishes, a screen notifying the completion of installation appears. Select Activate now check box and click Finish to close the window and complete the installation process.
    5. Click Yes on the User Account Control screen to continue with activating the license.

    Now that you have NuGet packages available locally - C:\Program Files (x86)\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 14\NuGet - let us create the NuGet package source to add the NuGet feed URL to your NuGet settings in Visual Studio.

    Configure local NuGet package source and install

    1. Open NuGet.Config file placed here:
    2. Modify the content of NuGet.Config as follows. This adds a key that directs to the path where NuGet packages are available locally.
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      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
          <add key="" value="" protocolVersion="3" />
          <add key="ActiveReports" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 14\NuGet" />
    3. Now, install the packages. Follow the steps provided in Installing Packages from NuGet except Step 4. In this case, instead of Package source as '', select ActiveReports (key added in NuGet.config).

    For more information on NuGet configurations, please see Common NuGet configurations and NuGet Configuration Settings articles by Microsoft.

    Note: The assemblies are available in the packages at the following location:

    • if a package is installed in an application: [App name]\packages\{Package name}\lib\net462\{Assembly}
    • if installer is used: C:\Program Files (x86)\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 14\NuGet\{Package name}\lib\net462\{Assembly}
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