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    Report Data Source Dialog
    In This Topic

    You can access the Report Data Source dialog from the Report Explorer by doing one of the following:

    The Report Data Source dialog provides the following pages where you can set data source properties:


    The General page of the Report Data Source dialog is where you can set the Name, Type, and Connection string of a new data source, or choose to use a shared data source reference.


    The Credentials page gives you the following four options for the level of security you need for the data in your report.

    Use Windows Authentication

    Select this option when you know that any users with a valid Windows account are cleared for access to the data, and you do not want to prompt them for a user name and password.

    Use a specific user name and password

    Select this option when you want to allow only a single user name and password to access the data in the report.

    Prompt for credentials

    Select this option when there is a subset of users who can access the data. The Prompt string textbox allows you to customize the text requesting a user name and password from users.

    No credentials

    Select this option only if the data in the report is for general public consumption.