Table data region consists of rows and columns that organize data. You can add data in a table either by dragging and dropping fields from the dataset or by using ellipsis available in every table cell (text box). When you display data in a cell in the detail row, a label is automatically added for the table header.

Adding Groups in Table

Let us assume that we have a report that displays Product details – Product ID, Name, Unit Price and Supplier ID fields, similar to the following image.

Using the following steps we will add a group to our Table data region and group the table details based on category ids.

  1. Right-click any text box (cell) in the details row of the table to view options in the context menu.

  2. Go to Group and select Insert Group.
    This adds a row group above and below the details row.

  3. In the first text box of the added row group, we will display CategoryID field. Note that the table groups are also displayed in the adorner on the right side of the Table data region.

  4. From the adorner on the right side of the table, select the Table1_Group1 row group and go to the Properties pane.

  5. In the Group Expressions property, click Show Items and then select Add Item.

  6. Click the radio button to display the fields and select the CategoryID field.

After you complete all the above steps, you will have a report that looks similar to the following image.