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A TextBox report item displays static or dynamic textual content in a report.

Adding an TextBox

You can add a TextBox into a report by either double-click the corresponding item in the toolbox or drag-and-drop it to a report page area or other container, such as a Banded List Section.

Expand to watch adding a TextBox into a report page in action

General TextBox Configuration

The general configuration includes Base Report Item properties, Common Style Properties, All the Text Properties and Visibility


To format Date and Time you can use the same tokens as listed in the Parsing Date Fields section.

Note that formatting is language-sensitive and determined by the Language property. If it is <Empty>, then the preferred browser language will be used.


  • The Action property determines the interactive action that occurs when a report reader clicks the TextBox at preview time.

  • The Initial Toggle State expression sets the initial icon for a textbox that toggles the dynamic visibility of other report items. If they are visible initially, then the Initial Toggle State could be set to Expanded.


  • The Keep together flag ensures that a textbox always appears on a single page if it fits.

  • The Can Shrink flag indicates whether a textbox can shrink in height if there is more available space than the content takes.

  • The Can Grow flag indicates whether a textbox can increase its height to accommodate growing content.

  • The Shrink To Fit boolean expression indicates whether a textbox can decrease the font size of its content to fit it into the report item's size. If the Shrink To Fit is True then the Can Grow flag described above does not have any impact. The Shrink To Fit is not applicable for a textbox that has the Writing Mode property equals tb-rl

  • The Min Condense Rate expression allows compressing the textbox's content vertically so that it fits within the single line. This property value sets the lower bound for the applied scale. If the content cannot fit the width of the control after applying the scaling, line breaks appear as per the WrapMode property. If the Min Condense Rate is less than 100% then the Shrink To Fit flag, the Angle and the WritingMode properties do not have any impact.

  • The Angle is a number that defines text rotation in degrees relative to the text baseline. If the Angle value exceeds zero, then the Shrink To Fit flag described above does not have any impact.

User Sort

Setting properties in this section adds the sorting icon on the right boundary of a textbox and allows a report reader to arrange the data at runtime. Check the following documentation to get more information on how to configure the User Sort properties:


  • The Auto Merge Mode was introduced to support table cells merging at runtime. We recommend using the Tablix with Static Columns instead because it is much more flexible approach.

  • The Heading Level a number that determines the position of a textbox content in the Table of Contents