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Installing ActiveReportsJS Designer

This section helps you understand the installation and uninstallation process for ActiveReportsJS Designer.


  1. Download the installer from the website. You can download ActiveReportsJS and use the designer on Windows, Mac or Linux. You get the following designer setup files for each OS:
    Windows: ActiveReportsJS-Designer.exe
    macOS: ActiveReportsJS-Designer.dmg
    Linux: ActiveReportsJS-Designer.AppImage

  2. Double-click the installer and follow the screens to complete the installation.
    • For Windows,

    1. Click Finish to finish the setup. ActiveReportsJS Designer is by default installed to C:\Program Files\GrapeCity\ActiveReportsJS Designer.
    2. Double-click the application to run the designer.

    • For macOS,

    1. In the finder, drag-drop the application's icon to Applications folder.
    2. Double-click to run the application.

    • For Linux,

    1. Right-click the application.
    2. Go to properties and check 'Allow executing file as program' from the Permissions tab.
    3. From the 'Show Applications', double-click the application to run the designer.

On running the application, you see designer license activation window. See License to know more about activating the license.


• For Windows,

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. Select ActiveReportsJS Designer and click Uninstall.

Note: ActiveReportJS Designer does not get uninstalled using the installer.

• For macOS,
Open the Applications folder and drag-drop the designer icon to Trash.

• For Linux,
Delete the ActiveReportsJS-Designer.AppImage file.