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Container report control is a graphical element that is used as a container for other report controls. It highlights a part of a report and how the report controls appear inside it. Container control has no data associated with it.

You can use the control in a number of ways to enhance your reports:

  • Group the report controls visually by placing them within the Container control.
  • Anchor report controls which may otherwise be pushed down by a vertically expanding data region.
  • Create visual effects by adding borders to the Container control.
  • Display an image behind a group of report controls by adding a background image.

Some properties of the Container control are described below. Note that you need to enable Advanced Properties Mode to view all properties.


Color: Select a color to use for the background.

Image: Select an image to use for the background.


Width: Enter a value in points to set the width of the border.

Style: Select a style for the border.

Color: Select a color to use for the border from Color Picker, Standard Colors, or Web Colors.

Rounding Radius: Radius for the round corners of the container.


Style: Choose from the list of available styles and set to apply a style to the control.

Page Break: Inserts page break as:
   Start - Inserts page break at start of the container.
   End - Inserts page break at end of the container.
   StartAndEnd - Inserts page break at both start and end of the container.

Keep Together: Indicates if the data inside the container is kept together on a single page if possible.

Consume White Space: Indicates that all white space in container is consumed during report rendering when the container’s contents grow rather than preserving the minimum white space between the contents and the bounds of the container.

Note: You must first drop the Container control on the design area and then drag-drop the controls into the container. Drawing a container around existing controls does not place the controls inside the container.