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Image report control displays an image that you embed in the report from an external source, a database or an embedded image.

Some properties of the Image control are described below. Note that you need to enable Advanced Properties Mode to view all properties.


Image: Select an available image from the image source - Shared, Embedded, or Database.

Source: Select whether the image comes from a source that is:

Source Description
External Image available via URL. Using external images does not increase the file size of your report, however if the web based image is moved, it will no longer show in your report.
Embedded Image embedded in your report. Using embedded image increases the file size of your report, but it is advantageous as the image is always available when you move report.
Database Image available in the database.

Value: Depending on the source of image, select the image. If the source of the image is Database, you can also use data visualizers as images. A Data Visualizer is used to display data in small graphs that are easy to comprehend.

MIME Type: Select the MIME type of the selected image as:

  • image/png for PNG images
  • image/jpeg for JPEG images
  • image/svg+xml for SVG images

Image Sizing: Specify the Image Sizing property from the following available options:

Image Sizing Description
AutoSize The border of the Image control adjusts according to the size of the image.
Fit The image resizes to fit within the dimensions of Image control.
FitProportional The image resizes to fit proportionally within the dimensions of Image control, thereby preserving the aspect ratio.
Clip The image clips if it is larger than the dimensions of Image control.


Width: Enter a value in points to set the width of the border.

Style: Select a style for the border.

Color: Select a color to use for the border from Color Picker, Standard Colors, or Web Colors.