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Input Field

The Input Field report control provides support for editable fields in an exported PDF report.

Some properties of the Input Field control are described below. Note that you need to enable Advanced Properties Mode to view all properties.


Type: Select the type of the PDF form field from Text or CheckBox.

Read-Only: Prevents the user from modifying the form field content.

Required: Forces the user to fill in the selected field. At the attempt to submit the form with a blank field, an error message appears and the empty form field is highlighted.

Max Length (if Type property is Text): Specifies the maximum length of the entered text.

Spell-Check (if Type property is Text): Indicates whether the text is spell checked during its input or not.

Multiline (if Type property is Text): Allows more than a single-line entry in the text field.

Password (if Type property is Text): Displays the entered text as a series of asterisks.

Checked (if Type property is CheckBox): The checked state of the CheckBox. If the Checked property is True, the small box appears with a check mark; if False, the box is empty. You can also select or clear the control by clicking the box.

Check Style (if Type property is CheckBox): Select a style for the check (tick) from the list of available options - Check, Circle, Cross, Diamond, Square, and Star.


Color: Select a color to use for the background of the Input Field.


Width: Enter a value in points to set the width of the border.

Style: Select a style for the border.

Color: Select a color to use for the border from Color Picker, Standard Colors, or Web Colors.


Color: Select a color to use for the border from Color Picker, Standard Colors, or Web Colors.

Font Style: Apply a font style on the text. Note that if you chose a theme for Layout > Style, the text appears according to the selected theme. You can select the following styles:

   Normal - Makes text appear in normal style.
   Italic - Makes text appear italicized.

Format: Select one of the common numeric formats, provided in the list.


Style: Choose from the list of available styles and set to apply a style to the control.

Limitation: The exported Input Field control only supports editable text field. For now, editable checkbox is not supported.