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Overflow PaceHolder

In a Page report, the Overflow Placeholder control is a rectangular placeholder for data that does not fit inside the fixed size of a List, Banded List, Tablix or Table data region. When you link a data region to an Overflow Placeholder, this control gets its Size property values from the FixedSize of the data region it is linked with.

You can also place multiple Overflow Placeholder controls in a report to create different looks for your data output. Link a data region to an Overflow Placeholder control and then link that Overflow Placeholder control to another Overflow Placeholder control. Two common layouts that you can create are:

  • Multiple Page Layout: Place the data region on the first page of the report and Overflow Placeholder controls on subsequent pages to create a layout with overflow data on multiple pages.

  • Columnar Report Layout: Place the data region and the Overflow Placeholder on the same page of the report to create a layout that displays data in a columnar format.

Some properties of the Overflow Placeholder control are described below. Note that you need to enable Advanced Properties Mode to view all properties.

Name: The Overflow Placeholder name.

Overflow Name: Select an Overflow Placeholder control to associate with the Overflow Placeholder control from the drop-down list. If a report does not contain any Overflow Placeholder control or if you don't want to associate the Overflow Placeholder control with another one from the report, select None.