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Shape report control is a graphical element that allows you to display different shape types in a report. It has no data associated with it. You can use the control in a number of ways to enhance your reports:

  • Mark visual boundaries or highlight specific areas of a report with rectangles, rounded rectangles, or elliptical shapes.
  • Highlight different sections or parts of a report using a shape report control. For example, you can use a Rectangle as border around different report controls or the entire page or you can use an Ellipse to highlight a note on your report.

Some properties of the Shape control are described below. Note that you need to enable Advanced Properties Mode to view all properties.


Color: Select a color to use for the background.

Image: Select an image to use for the background.


Width: Enter a value in points to set the width of the border.

Style: Select a style for the border.

Color: Select a color to use for the border from Color Picker, Standard Colors, or Web Colors.

Shape Style: Select style for the shape from the following:

Rectangle RoundRect Ellipse
Rectangular shape. Rectangular shape with
round corners.
Elliptical shape.

Rounding Radius: Radius for the round corners of the shape. This property is valid for the RoundRect shape style.


Style: Choose from the list of available styles and set to apply a style to the control.