If you are using evaluation version of ActiveReportsJS, a watermark with an evaluation message appears while designing or previewing reports.

Add license in source code

To use the licensed version of ActiveReportsJS, add a reference to the license key that you must have received when you purchased the product.

<script type="text/javascript" src="ar-js-core.js"></script>
    GC.ActiveReports.Core.PageReport.LicenseKey = “YOUR_LICENSE_KEY”;

License ActiveReportsJS Designer

The ActiveReportsJS Designer is available for 30 days as a trial without a license key. To use licensed version of the designer, enter your license key to unlock the ActiveReportsJS Designer.

  • To purchase a license, please visit www.grapecity.com.
  • To extend your trial period, please contact us.sales@grapecity.com.