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Using predefined resources

During a report designing process, there are several points where it could be desirable to provide a user with the list of predefined resources:

  • Image control's Image property under Shared tab. Check Image Control page for more information.
  • Subreport control's Report Name property. Check Subreport Control for more information.
  • Jump to Report Action parameters. Check Drill-through page for more information.

Angular, React, and Vue Designer components expose the imageList and the reportList properties that are arrays of the ImageResourceInfo and the ReportResourceInfo, respectively. Each resource should expose the id property that, by default, should be set to the resolvable URL within the application's scope. Besides, a resource could expose the displayName property to use it as a resource's name in the designer UI.

To register available resources in a Pure Js application, you should invoke the setResourceProvider method and pass the ResourceProvider object that has the getImagesList, and the getReportsList methods that should return the Promise object that should resolve to the array of the corresponding resources.

Visit the Live Demo page for the complete samples for Angular, React, Vue, and pure JavaScript applications.