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  • PDF Print Presets are not available.
  • PDF/A format is not supported.
  • Watermarks can not be added.
  • No fonts fallback property to locate missing glyphs.
  • Only JPG and PNG images can be exported. Gif, bmp, emf, tiff, wmf are not exported.
  • Vertical text is not supported.
  • TextDecoration - Overline is not supported.
  • Report navigates to the page where bookmark is present, and not to specific control whose bookmark id is specified.


  • Slanted lines are not supported.


  • HTML is not the best format for printing. Use other exports instead.

The following table lists the properties that are not supported either in PDF or Excel export.

Properties Support in PDF Support in Excel
Report - Bookmark Y N
TextBox - CharacterSpacing Y N
TextBox - LineSpacing N N
Image - Alignment Y N
Image - Action Y N
Image - BackgroundRepeat N N
Image - Sizing N Y
Shape - RoundingRadius Y N
Shape - Style Y N
Table - AutoMergeMode N N
Table - WritingMode N N
Line - LineWidth Y N
Subreport - SubstituteThemesOnSubreport N N
Tablix - WritingMode N N