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There are two types of report items properties in ActiveReportsJS

  • Static properties - their values are known at design time and don't change at runtime
  • Dynamic properties - their values are calculated at runtime. Conditional formatting, page numbering, summary values, and other fundamental features are based on dynamic properties.

The value of a dynamic property at design-time is an expression which is a string that contains interpolations.

Interpolation Syntax

Interpolation is a string fragment wrapped {} that is evaluated at runtime and replaced with the calculation result. For example, you can use the following expression for the Rich Text Value property.

<p>Thank you for your purchase {name}!</p>
<p>Your order number is: #{orderID}</p>

The {name} and {orderID} are interpolations that use the data set field references. At runtime, they are replaced with the field values.

The interpolation syntax allows you to use the following features.

  • References are identifiers that are associated with various report elements.
  • Operators are used for calculation and comparison.