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Get Started With the Standalone Report Designer

The Standalone Report Designer is a cross-platform desktop application that is the primary tool for creating new or modifying existing report templates.


To install the Standalone Report Designer, download the package for your operating system, extract the downloaded archive, locate the installer file in the designer folder, make it executable, if necessary, and run.

Operating System Download link Installer file Installer Type
Windows ActiveReportsJS_2.1_Win.zip ActiveReportsJS-Designer.exe Windows Installer
macOS ActiveReportsJS_2.1_Mac.zip ActiveReportsJS-Designer.dmg Apple Disk Image
Desktop Linux ActiveReportsJS_2.1_Linux.zip ActiveReportsJS-Designer.AppImage App Image


When you start creating reports for your application, it is important to ensure consistent report output across the standalone report designer, browsers on report readers' machines, and exported PDF documents. The best way to achieve that is to establish the proper Font Configuration.

You might also want to turn on the standalone report designer's debug mode if something went wrong. Check the Troubleshooting page for the detailed information.

User Interface

The user interface of the standalone report designer consists of multiple parts.

Open, Save and Save As buttons

These buttons are shortcuts for the standard Open, Save and Save As... commands of the File menu.

Preview button

This button switches the standalone report designer to preview mode to read the report output. You can return to the design mode by clicking the Left Arrow icon located in the top-left corner. Check the Report Viewer Interface documentation to learn how to navigate a report output.

Expand to watch switching between design and preview modes in action

File Menu

The File Menu opens the sidebar that allows you:

  • To create a New report selecting from Continuous Layout and Fixed Layout templates.
  • To Open the existing report template.
  • To Save[As...] the current report template.
  • To read the information About the product version and set the license key. See the Licensing Page for more information.