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ActiveReportsJS Designer: Overview

The ActiveReportsJS Designer is an intuitive designer that extracts the data and prepares it for visualization in the form of reports.

The designer includes Properties Mode - separately for basic and advanced properties with extensive configuration options for report elements, a Report Explorer with a tree view of report controls, a Group Editor for Tablix data region to manage data in groups, and so on.

See this topic for details on supported operating systems.


  • Report Controls
    The Page Report and RDL Report toolbox group offers many report controls and data regions to control visualizations while creating a report. See Report Controls for more information.

  • Data Source
    The designer uses JSON data source to build reports, which is a light-weight and text-based readable format. Apart from .json files, any file with valid JSON can be used as a data source. See Data Binding for more information.

  • Expressions
    Expressions are used to set the value of a control in the report or set conditions under which certain styles apply. See Expressions for more information.

  • Parameters
    Parameters can be used in dataset queries, You can add a single or multi-value parameter, choose to prompt the user to enter the parameter, or hide the parameter completely. See Parameters for more information.

  • Interactive Reporting
    ActiveReportsJS Designer supports features like drill down, drill through, hyperlinks, and sorting to provide an interactive look to your reports at run time. Interactive reporting provides flexibility to the users to dynamically work with reports.