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Data Regions

A data region is a report item that visualizes a dataset. ActiveReportsJS supports the following data regions.

  • Table displays data records in a multicolumn, multirow fashion, with an ordered set of fields in columns and each data record displayed in a row.
  • Banded List and List produce a series of sections where data records print in a free-form layout fashion.
  • Tablix condenses data records into groups and arranges these groups' unique values in horizontal and vertical directions, displaying one or more summary values in the group intersections.
  • Chart encodes data values into geometrical shapes.
  • Sparkline is a graph typically used within a parent data region to display data trends.
  • Bullet Chart is a variation of Bar and Column graphs used to compare a primary measure's performance to one or more other measures.

Common properties

All the data regions listed above share common properties.

  • The Data Set Name points to the dataset that a data region is bound to.
  • The Sort Expressions is the collection of items that allows you to arrange the appearance of data records. Each item consists of the expression and the sort direction.
  • The Filters Editor of a data region you to filter out certain data records. For example, the table in the Get Started With Tabular reports walkthrough has the Filter discontinued=False to exclude discountinued products from the output.
  • The No Data section properties allow you to set the appearance and the text's content that shows if the bound data set contains no records.

Nested Data Regions

You can nest data regions within other data regions. Typically this approach is used for Master-Detail reports. For example, the List within Table uses the List inside the Products Table to display the price history.

The data for a nested data region could come from two different sources.

  • Nested Data Sets - in this scenario the nested data region picks the Detail Data automatically.
  • Separate data sets - in this scenario, you might need to set the Filters property of the nested data region to print the Detail Data. For instance, the nested table in the Master-Detail Table demo filters the order details using the order Id value of the main table.