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Chart Plot

A Plot is the graphical representation of the data. We say that a plot encodes Data Values into geometrical shapes by applying the encoding configuration. For instance, the plot of the Demo Bar Chart encodes the list of countries(Category Encoding) and their last year sales(Data Values) into labeled rectangular bars.

Common Plot Properties


A String value detemines the plot name that you can use to refer to the plot within the axes configuration.

Plot template

The selected value is an integral part of the encoding configuration. ActiveReportsJS supports the following templates.

  • Column and Bar, Spiral, and Polar plots are suitable for a side-by-side comparison of multiple data values per category or comparing across categories.
  • Line and Area plots are useful for tracking changes in a data value over time.
  • Pie and Doughnut plots show how the parts of a whole compare to each other in size.
  • Funnel and Pyramid plots show progressive stages of a process.
  • Scatter and Bubble plots are suitable for visualizing relationships between two or three data values.
  • Gannt plot illustrates a project schedule.
  • Candlestick, High Low Close, and High Low Open Close plots are used to describe price movements of a currency or other assets.

You can refer to the individual plot pages listed above for the details of corresponding template configurations.