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Rich Text

A Rich Text report item displays static or dynamic mixed-format text in a report. You can use it to create mail-merge reports, labels or display the pre-formatted content from a data source.

Adding a Rich Text

You can add a Rich Text into a report by either double-click the corresponding item in the toolbox or drag-and-drop it to a report page area or other container, such as a Banded List Section.

General Rich Text Configuration

The general configuration includes Base Report Item properties, Common Style Properties, subset of Text Properties and Visibility


The Markup Type property sets the language of mixed-format content. Currently, the only supported language is HTML. You can use the following HTML tags in the Value property.

The following CSS styles are supported for those above tags.

The Value expression sets the mixed-format content using those above tags and styles. Using the interpolation syntax you can set the dynamic content for a rich text, for example:

<p>Thank you for your purchase {name}!</p>
<p>Your order number is: #{orderID}</p>
<p>If you require any changes to your order or delivery address you must <a href="https://tradecompany/changeorder/{orderID}">contact us</a>
<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold">as soon as possible</span> and it might not be possible if your order has already gone through to fulfilment.</p>

At runtime a rich text with this Value property generates the following output.

If the Value property is the bound field reference and a field's value is the HTML content, then the supported tags and styles will be recognized and rendered accordingly.


  • The Keep together flag ensures that a rich text always appears on a single page if it fits.
  • The Can Grow flag indicates whether a rich text can increase its height to accommodate growing content.