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A TextBox report item displays static or dynamic textual content in a report.

Adding an TextBox

You can add a TextBox into a report by either double-click the corresponding item in the toolbox or drag-and-drop it to a report page area or other container, such as a Banded List Section.

Expand to watch adding a TextBox into a report page in action

General TextBox Configuration

The general configuration includes Base Report Item properties, Common Style Properties, All the Text Properties and Visibility


Note that formatting is language-sensitive and determined by the Language property. If it is <Empty>, then the preferred browser language will be used.


  • The Action property determines the interactive action that occurs when a report reader clicks the TextBox at preview time.
  • The Initial Toggle State expression sets the initial icon for a textbox that toggles the dynamic visibility of other report items. If they are visible initially, then the Initial Toggle State could be set to Expanded.


  • The Keep together flag ensures that a textbox always appears on a single page if it fits.
  • The Can Shrink flag indicates whether a textbox can shrink in height if there is more available space than the content takes.
  • The Can Grow flag indicates whether a textbox can increase its height to accommodate growing content.
  • The Shrink To Fit boolean expression indicates whether a textbox can decrease the font size of its content to fit it into the report item's size.
  • The Min Condense Rate expression sets the lower bound for the ratio of the decreased font size to the original one. For example, if it is set to 50%, then the reduced font size can not be less than half of the original font size.
  • The Angle is a number that defines text rotation in degrees relative to the text baseline.

User Sort

Setting properties in this section adds the sorting icon on the right boundary of a textbox and allows a report reader to arrange the data at runtime. Check the following documentation to get more information on how to configure the User Sort properties:


  • The Auto Merge Mode was introduced to support table cells merging at runtime. We recommend using the Tablix with Static Columns instead because it is much more flexible approach.
  • The Heading Level a number that determines the position of a textbox content in the Table of Contents