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Report Properties

Both Continuous Page Layout and Fixed Page Layout share the common properties of a Report object that loads into the Properties panel if you select the Report item in the Report Explorer or click anywhere on the gray area around the page layout.

Page Settings

When a reader previews the report or exports it to one of the supported formats, the ActiveReportsJS engine produces the paginated output by default. The following properties relate to pagination.

  • The Margins section
    • The Style is a shortcut to several predefined values of page margins.
    • The Sizes determines the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom margins in Length units.
  • The Page Size section
    • The Page Size is a shortcut to standard page sizes, such as Letter or A4.
    • The Page Orientation is the direction in which the report content is displayed.
    • The Page Width and Page Height properties allow you to set the custom page size in Length units.


The Columns number and the Column Spacing length split report pages into separate columns. Multi-Column Layout Demo uses this feature to display the Table across two columns.

Embedded Images

A report template, which is saved in Json format, can include embedded image data in Base64 format. Embedding an image ensures that it is always available but can affect the size of the report file. To embed an image into a report, click the + icon on the right side of the Embedded Images property and select the image file in the Open File dialog. To remove an embedded image, expand the Embedded Imaged property using the list icon on the right side, then click the trash bin icon on the left side of the image that you want to remove.

Expand to watch embedding the image in action

Document Map

Properties in this group used together with the Table of Contents report item and the Report Map.


  • The Author and Description strings define the corresponding metadata of a report.
  • The Language determines the default locale for numbers and dates formatting in the report output.
  • The Start Page Number affects Page Numbering.