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Report Viewer Interface

The report viewer allows you to navigate, export, and print the report output. Its user interface consists of several components described below.


The default toolbar of the report viewer includes the following elements.

  • The First Page, Previous Page, Next Page, and Last Page buttons. You can also type a page number in the text box located in between and press Enter to go directly to that page.
  • The Refresh button re-renders the report and loads the updated output in the viewer.
  • The Back to Parent, Go back, and Go Forth buttons allow you to navigate the history of the drill-through reporting.
  • The Zoom out, Zoom in, Full Screen buttons and the Zoom level drop-down menu can be used to set the page magnification. The Move Tool located on the left side of these elements allows you to change the visible part of a page if it does not fit on the screen.
  • The Print button displays the dialog for selecting print settings and sends the report output to a printer.
  • The Single Page View navigation mode shows one page at a time, with no other pages visible.
  • The Continous Page View shows pages in a continuous one-page-wide vertical column.
  • The Galley Mode shows the report output without dividing it into pages. This mode is only applicable for Continuous Page Layout.

Search Panel

The Search Panel allows you to find a content within the report output and navigate through the search results.

Expand to watch using the search panel in action

Parameters Panel

The Parameters panel becomes available on the sidebar if a report requires the user input before rendering. Check the Parameters documentation for more information.

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Report Map

If a report is configured to produce the report map, the viewer displays it on the sidebar under the Table of Contents title. Click on a report map item brings the corresponding element of the report output into focus.

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Export Panel

The Export panel allows you to export a report to a Pdf, Excel, or Html document. Check the Export Settings documentation for more information on the parameters of the output document that you can select using the Export Panel.