ActiveReportsJS: What's New in version 2.2

Creating Reports Programmatically

Report templates in ActiveReportsJS use JSON format that complies with a well-defined structure. In ActiveReportsJS v2.2, we exposed the TypeScript declarations for that structure so that you can quickly build reports programmatically using IntelliSense features of Visual Studio Code or other IDE that supports TypeScripts declarations.

Introducing ES modules

All the ActiveReportsJS npm packages now expose native ES modules. Modern JavaScript tools, such as Vite.js leverage ES modules to provide blazing performance for applications' development and building. Check the tutorial for using ActiveReportsJS with Vite.js.

New Chart Types

Several new chart types are based on the radar(also known as spider) chart concept:

Chart Dynamic Rules

The newly introduced chart functionality allows setting a subset of visual properties depending on runtime conditions:

Auto Width Setting for Table Columns

Table columns can be dynamically hidden at preview time by setting their Visibility.Hidden property to an expression that depends on the report parameter values or other runtime variables. It is now possible to automatically resize other columns to take up the space that is left after the hidden columns are removed. Check the live demo of this new feature at our website.

Fixed Page Layout Enhancements

Fixed Page Layout could consist of multiple pages at design time which you can use to build pixel-perfect pre-defined form layouts. This feature becomes even more flexible with the newly introduced possibility to dynamically exclude or include some pages at runtime depending on report parameter values or other runtime variables.

Image Element Support for Rich Text

RichText report item now supports the img tag including the ability to display external, embedded, or dataset images. Check the newly introduced tutorial for an example of image usage.

Tablix Designer Enhancements

The updated Tablix Wizard dialog now allows you to easily configure filters for the entire tablix and its column and rows groups and to instantly setup advanced formulas for summary values, such as % of Row Group Total.