ActiveReportsJS Report Designer Action Handlers

The majority of the ActiveReportsJS Report Designer UI consists of items related to a report design process - report controls on the sidebar, formatting controls on the toolbar, and the data bar and the property grid. These are not customizable in the sense that a hosting application can't override these items' behavior. Check User Interface for more information on these standard User Interface elements. However, there are several customizable UI items that the hosting application should implement according to its specific requirements:

  • "Save" and "Save As" buttons
  • "New Report" button
  • "Open" button
  • "Preview" button
  • "File" link

They are not visible by default, and the application's code should invoke setActionHandlers method to make them available and set their behavior.

Check the following pages for examples of the action handlers implementation:

The application can also use the onOpenFileMenu action handler to display the custom menu for the hosting application.

The application can also use the processCommand method of the Report Designer instance to invoke action handlers in response to other events. The argument specifies the action handler to be called. For example, processCommand("create") invokes the onCreate action handler. Check Implement AutoSave page for the example of using the processCommand method to trigger the action handler.