ActiveReportsJS: What's New in version 2.0

ActiveReportsJS version 2.0 offers two significant new features.

Report Designer component

Version 1.2 of ActiveReportsJS included the standalone designer application that developers could use to build reports and distribute them to applications' users. However, it was challenging to let users adjust reports or create new ones based on specific requirements. Version 2.0 solves this problem by providing the Report Designer component that you can integrate into your application.

Visit Getting Started page for a quick introduction to the Report Designer component.

Developer Guide provides comprehensive tutorial on the designer component's usage.

Live Demos offer the code samples for most frequent scenarios.

Revised Data Binding

Version 1.2 of ActiveReportsJS provided developers with relatively limited options for binding a report to the data source at design time. Any advanced configuration, such as authorization, needed to be done in the application's code. Version 2.0 solves this problem by offering powerful data binding capabilities at design-time that allow you to connect to a wide variety of data endpoints including, but not limited to, OData API, GraphQL API, and REST API.

Visit Data Binding page for a comprehensive tutorial on data binding.

Live Demos offer the report samples for most frequent scenarios.