• Vue Templates

    Simplify your development with the Vue Viewer for ActiveReportsJS. Build Vue apps with TypeScript and HTML based markup for Vue Components.

  • Create Scalable Reporting Applications

    Build modular applications with ActiveReportsJS. Separate concerns and architect powerful reporting applications that scale.

  • Reporting for Every Device

    JavaScript can be used to develop applications for any platform including desktop and mobile. Create similar reporting experiences for various devices and screen sizes.

  • Export JavaScript Reports

    Export your JavaScript reports to popular documents in pixel-perfect format. You can export reports to HTML, Excel or PDF.

  • Generate Reports on the Client

    ActiveReportsJS viewer is a client-side reporting tool for viewing reports. You can view reports in any modern browser with no server required.

  • No JavaScript Dependencies

    Download ActiveReportsJS and get started immediately. No need to install JQuery. ActiveReportsJS can be used in modern browsers without any additional Javascript libraries.

ActiveReportsJS Viewer Component

Use TypeScript and other Vue tools and features with ActiveReportsJS Viewer. The Viewer Component is available as an Vue component which allows you to embed the Viewer into an Vue application without working around the framework.

Quickstart - Vue

Install from NPM

npm install /@grapecity/activereports-Vue

The npm package is a part of the ActiveReportsJS product and provides an Angular wrapper for the ARJS viewer component.

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Use Vue Templates

Vue Markup and HTML define Component templates. Templates in Vue provide features like template bindings, and interpolation. The ActiveReportsJS Viewer for Vue allows you to take advantage of these features when integrating the Viewer component into your applications.

ActiveReportsJS Designer

The ActiveReportsJS designer can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux Operating Systems. The designer enables developers to create web base reports and offers flexible layout options. Get started with the designer by downloading the trial.