• End-User Report Designer

    Embed our web report designer in your MVC application to enable users to create their reports on the fly or modify existing ones. ActiveReports' intuitive designers are easy to use for both technical and non-technical report authors.

  • Cross-Platform Reporting

    Deploy your MVC reporting app to Windows, Linux, and macOS users by embedding ActiveReports in your .NET Core applications. With support for .NET Core, you can create both web and desktop applications using ActiveReports.

  • Data Sources Support

    Easily bind to any SQL, Oracle, JSON, CSV, XML, or Business Objects. Our custom data provider class backs even your non-traditional data sources.

  • Design MVC Reports

    Build MVC reports fast with the fully-integrated VSDesigner Add-In includes a toolbox and properties window, providing a familiar, comfortable report design experience in the most popular IDE.

  • Best Controls

    Select the best controls for your project. Create simple invoices or advanced business and analytical reports with our feature-packed controls such as Table, Tablix, Charts, RichText, Maps, List, and more. Take things a step further by visually representing your data with our numerous chart types.

  • Royalty-free Report Viewers

    Customize your royalty-free report viewers as well as give your users a table of contents, thumbnails, drill-down interactivity, parameters, and even annotations using viewers for ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, WPF, and WinForms.

ActiveReports Professional Top Features

Offer ad hoc reporting to end users on web or desktop

Ad Hoc Reporting

Add the ProDesigner component to your web solution!

  • Drag-and-drop controls to the design surface
  • Preview reports in the web browser
  • Edit existing layouts
  • Lightweight and familiar UI
  • Deliver beautifully designed ASP.NET MVC reports

    Deign ASP.NET MVC reports

  • Utilize master pages to implement brand design across reports
  • Add hierarchical trees for drill-down
  • Perform advanced calculations and aggregations using property expressions and extensive function library
  • Embed shapes and images
  • Use themes to create crisp, modern, reports, charts, sparklines, barcodes. tablix, and more
  • View reports in the JSViewer

    Reports in the JSViewer

    Select from layout-driven page reports, scrolling RDL reports, and code-based section reports to create a full-featured report library

    Efficieny with Master Reports

    Efficiency with Master Reports

    Create a master report* as a template to keep consistent branding in headers, footers, logos, and more

    AcroForms and Interactive PDFs

    AcroForms and Interactive PDFs

  • Use the InputField control in your ASP.NET MVC reports
  • Create PDF forms using textboxes and checkboxes
  • Allow paragraph entries with Multiline property
  • Mask user input for security
  • ActiveReports' Expansive Feature Set

    Leverage built-in features and APIs

    Deliver .NET reports faster with the ActiveReports Designers

    End-user Report Designer

    End-User Report Designer

    Empower your end-users with a fully customizable ad hoc report design experience in your MVC applications and ActiveReports ProDesigner component.

    Robust Reporting Engine

    Robust Reporting Engine

    ActiveReports’ high-speed reporting engine is optimized for fast imports, exports, calculations, and large report generation. The ASP.NET MVC reporting engine can be hosted on any Windows, Mac, or Linux system.

    Unlimited Possibilities

    Unlimited Possibilities

    Broaden your reporting reach! Select from layout-driven page reports or data-driven RDL reports, and traditional banded section reports. With ActiveReports, you have endless possibilities.

    Interactive Report Viewers

    Interactive Report Viewers

    Stunning reports demand stunning report viewers. Give your users the ability to drill down, sort, select parameters, search for text, jump to bookmarks, and much more. Embed the viewer in your MVC application and assign it a report file.