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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Document Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Core.Document Namespace / PagesCollection<T> Class
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    PagesCollection<T> Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by PagesCollection<T>.

    Public Constructors
    Public ConstructorOverloaded.   
    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets the number of elements contained in the System.Collections.ICollection.  
    Public Property  
    Public Property  
    Public PropertySummary description for Fonts Property.  
    Public PropertyGets a value indicating whether the System.Collections.IList has a fixed size.  
    Public PropertyGets a value indicating whether the System.Collections.IList is read-only.  
    Public PropertyGets a value indicating whether access to the System.Collections.ICollection is synchronized (thread safe).  
    Public PropertyReturns a Page object at specified index in the PagesCollection.  
    Public PropertyGets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the System.Collections.ICollection.  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodOverloaded. Add a new item into the cache.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Overloaded: Adds the elements of an array of Pages to the end of the PagesCollection.  
    Public MethodRemoves all the Page objects from the PagesCollection.  
    Public MethodCreates a shallow copy of the PagesCollection.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Determines whether the System.Collections.IList contains a specific value.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Copies the elements of the System.Collections.ICollection to an System.Array, starting at a particular System.Array index.  
    Public MethodDisposes Page objects from PagesCollection.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Determines the index of a specific item in the System.Collections.IList.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Inserts an item to the System.Collections.IList at the specified index.  
    Public MethodInserts a new Page element into the PagesCollection at the specified index.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Overloaded: Inserts the elements from PageCollections objects into the PagesCollection at the specified index.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the System.Collections.IList.  
    Public MethodRemoves the System.Collections.IList item at the specified index.  
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