ActiveReports 16 .NET Edition
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    GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Imaging Namespace
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    ClassThis class represents the binary representation of an OBJ record for BIFF7 Pictures. The picture data will be saved as WMF or BMP depending on what is programmatically determined to be more appropriate. Essentially it will be stored as an OBJ record with some additional "subrecord" fields specific to pictures in BIFF7.
    ClassUsed with the Sheet.AddLine method to specify information about the line.
    StructureUsed by DDSheet.AddImage to specify various options about the image.
    EnumerationThe type of the anchor for the image in excel.
    EnumerationUsed with ImageInfo.LineStyle to specify the style of the line bounding an image.
    EnumerationUsed with ImageInfo.LineWeight to specify the weight of a line bounding an image.
    EnumerationEnumerated type for Excel arrowhead length.
    EnumerationExcel enumerated type for arrowhead styles.
    EnumerationEnumerated type for Excel arrowhead width.
    EnumerationContains the various line styles for several versions of BIFF. Note that some values are not valid in some versions of the Excel BIFF file format.
    EnumerationUsed by DDSheet.AddLine and DDSheet.AddImage to define line or image directions.
    EnumerationUsed by DDSheet.AddLine(..)
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