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In This Topic
    PageBreaks.PageBreak Structure
    In This Topic
    Excel97DevKit: The cbrk field contains the number of page breaks. Each element of the rgbrk structure contains three 2-byte integers: the first specifies the row (or col for vertical) of the break, the second specifies the starting column (or row for vertical), and the third specifies the ending column (or row for vertical) for the break. All row and column numbers are 1-based, and the breaks occur after the row or column. This array is sorted by row, and then by starting/ending column. No two page breaks may overlap.
    Object Model
    PageBreaks.PageBreak Structure
    Public Structure PageBreaks.PageBreak 
       Inherits System.ValueType
    public struct PageBreaks.PageBreak : System.ValueType 
    The secEnd and secStart memebers are only applicable in BIFF8. BIFF documentation refers to this as a brk structure.
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