ActiveReports 16 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Viewer.Common Assembly / GrapeCity.Viewer.Common.Model Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
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    GrapeCity.Viewer.Common.Model Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassBase class for all active (notifies subscriber on state change) models
    ClassImplements notification propagation helpers
    ClassBase implementation of DocumentModel with ISearchableDocument and ISelectableDocument interfaces for page-based documents
    ClassAggresively caches pages in bitmaps
    ClassRepresents base structure and behaviour for document models
    ClassBase implementation for text item
    ClassExport format info
    ClassRepresents export settings
    ClassRepresents text-based search settings
    ClassImplement document-wise highlighting model.
    ClassImmutable page highlight view model
    ClassObservable value.
    ClassExtends Observable<T> by helper methods.
    ClassHelpers for reports with parameters.
    ClassDefines part of relative date for DateTime parameters
    ClassRepresents report instance
    ClassModel for report pane Model for report pane. This is a partial class contains only _zooms fild which has different definition in WPF project.
    Class"Run" command options
    ClassRepresents text search result. The instances of the class are immutable and do not implement INotifyPropertyChanged then
    ClassRepresents bookmarks tree node
    ClassRepresents model for current view
    InterfaceBase implementation for image item
    InterfaceDefines interface for document page
    InterfaceMinimal part of report page
    InterfaceCunsumer envelope for the document.
    InterfaceAllows an implementer to control the fault message returned to the caller and optionally perform custom error processing.
    InterfaceReport which supports the export
    InterfaceProvides access to document structures
    InterfaceReport with parameters
    InterfaceDefines interface to report parameters
    InterfaceInterface for report parameter value
    InterfaceDefines interface to report parameters supported relative date
    InterfaceAllows document to support text search facility
    InterfaceAllows document to expose items that could be selected/highlighted/copied
    StructureRepresents bookmark
    StructureRepresents paper information
    StructureRepresents selected document items. Immutable object! This implementation is somewhat implementation bound since it treats selection as a collection of "page items" on particular page
    StructureRepresents information about errors/exceptions
    StructureRepresents selection area
    StructureIdentifies highlight area within a report page
    StructureArbitrary range implementation
    EnumerationSpecifies item alignment
    EnumerationDefines a set of severity levels for the error
    EnumerationDefines current parameter state
    EnumerationExport types enum
    EnumerationArea type. Areas are rendered a bit differently depending on type
    EnumerationSpecifies possible mouse modes
    EnumerationGets the parameter's value data type
    EnumerationSpecifies possible scrolling modes
    EnumerationFor reference only. Defined position of sidebar panel within sidebar (either tab index or accordion pane index)
    EnumerationEnable touch mode or not.
    EnumerationDisplay Touch mode button on viewer's toolbar or not.
    EnumerationPossible view modes of the viewer control
    EnumerationDefined Zoom mode
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