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In This Topic
    Viewer.ViewerToolbar Class
    In This Topic
    Gets the viewer toolbar object, allowing you to add and remove items on each of the component ToolStrips, and to implement tool click events for added items.
    Object Model
    Viewer.ViewerToolbar Class
    Public Class Viewer.ViewerToolbar 
    public class Viewer.ViewerToolbar 
    Also see the System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItemClickedEventArgs class and ClickedItem property on MSDN for more information on working with ToolStrips.
    To implement tool click events, use code like the following in the Form Load event of the form that contains the Viewer control, and then drop down the IntelliSense Generate Method Stub arrow to generate method stubs for the events.
    C# code to use in the Form Load event
    this.viewer1.Toolbar.NavigationBar.ItemClicked +=new ToolStripItemClickedEventHandler(NavigationBar_ItemClicked);
    this.viewer1.Toolbar.MainBar.ItemClicked += new ToolStripItemClickedEventHandler(MainBar_ItemClicked);
    this.viewer1.Toolbar.MouseModeBar.ItemClicked += new ToolStripItemClickedEventHandler(MouseModeBar_ItemClicked);
    Visual Basic code to use in the Form Load event
    AddHandler me.Viewer1.Toolbar.NavigationBar.ItemClicked, AddressOf NavigationBar_ItemClicked
    AddHandler me.Viewer1.Toolbar.MainBar.ItemClicked, AddressOf MainBar_ItemClicked
    AddHandler me.Viewer1.Toolbar.MouseModeBar.ItemClicked, AddressOf MouseModeBar_ItemClicked
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