ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Web Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Web Namespace / ViewerType Enumeration

In This Topic
    ViewerType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    An enumeration of viewing options for the ActiveReports WebForms WebViewer server control for ASP.NET.
    Public Enum ViewerType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum ViewerType : System.Enum 

    Returns output as a PDF document viewable in Acrobat Reader. 

    Client requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader.


    Provides a scrollable view of a single page of the report at a time. Downloads only HTML and javascript to the client browser. Not preferable for printable output.

    Client Requirements: Internet Explorer 11 and above.


    Shows all pages in the report document as a single continuous HTML page. Provides a static view of the entire report document, and usually decent printable output, although under some circumstances, pagination is not preserved.

    Client Requirements: Internet Explorer 11 and above.


    Some barcode types may render incorrectly and contain white lines in the Html and RawHtml views. However, this limitation does not affect printing and scanning. These barcodes are:

    • Code49
    • QRCode
    • Pdf417
    • RSSExpandedStacked
    • RSS14Stacked
    • RSS14StackedOmnidirectional
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