ActiveReports 16 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Configuration Namespace / IConfigurationManager Interface

In This Topic
    IConfigurationManager Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IConfigurationManager.

    Public Properties
     PropertyReturns a map for the custom report items with the custom designers.  
     PropertyReturns a collection of custom data providers.  
     PropertyReturns fonts factory.  
     PropertyReturns a configuration for communication with map tile server.  
     PropertyReturns the rendering extensions defined by the provider.  
     PropertyProvides the mapping between CustomReportItem type names and their corresponding System.Type.  
     PropertyReturns a collection of configuration settings.  
     PropertyReturns map tile providers.  
     PropertyReturns the toolbox item configuration entries.  
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