ActiveReports 16 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel Namespace / Barcode Class / RssExpandedStacked Property

In This Topic
    RssExpandedStacked Property
    In This Topic
    When you set the Barcode Style property to RssExpandedStacked, this property allows you to control, via the RowCount property, the number of stacks of segments in which to display the code. You can specify two to eleven rows. Displaying an RSS Expanded barcode in stacks may be more appropriate for certain packaging requirements, as it reduces the length of a barcode.
    Public Property RssExpandedStacked As RssExpandedStackedOptions
    public RssExpandedStackedOptions RssExpandedStacked {get; set;}
    If the RowCount property is set to 1, the RSS Expanded Stacked barcode style becomes the same symbol as the RSS Expanded barcode style.

    There is a relation between the RowCount property and the Text property of an RSS Expanded Stacked barcode. This means that a barcode symbol is displayed using the number of rows that is determined, based on the value in the Text property against the value in the RowCount property.
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