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In This Topic
    GroupHeader Class
    In This Topic

    The GroupHeader section prints once for every data group defined using the field specified in DataField property.  A GroupHeader section requires a matching GroupFooter section.

    Object Model
    GroupHeader Class
    Public Class GroupHeader 
       Inherits Section
    public class GroupHeader : Section 
    Since ActiveReports does not sort the data before grouping it, your data source should be sorted on all the data fields that you have specified in group header sections.  For example, for a report to properly create two groups on Country and City data fields you must sort the data by those data fields in the specified order.  If your data is not sorted you end up with the same group appearing multiple times in the report at different locations (i.e. the report is NOT grouped).
    private void groupHeader1_Format(object sender, System.EventArgs eArgs)
        this.groupHeader1.ColumnLayout = true;
        this.groupHeader1.GroupKeepTogether = GroupKeepTogether.None;
        this.groupHeader1.KeepTogether = true;
        this.groupHeader1.NewColumn = NewColumn.None;
        this.groupHeader1.NewPage = NewPage.None;
        this.groupHeader1.RepeatStyle =  RepeatStyle.None;
        this.groupHeader1.UnderlayNext = true;
    Private Sub GroupHeader1_Format(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles GroupHeader1.Format
       Me.GroupHeader1.ColumnLayout = True
       Me.GroupHeader1.GroupKeepTogether = GroupKeepTogether.None
       Me.GroupHeader1.KeepTogether = True
       Me.GroupHeader1.NewColumn = NewColumn.None
       Me.GroupHeader1.NewPage = NewPage.None
       Me.GroupHeader1.RepeatStyle = RepeatStyle.None
       Me.GroupHeader1.UnderlayNext = True
    End Sub
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