ActiveReports 16 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel Namespace / InputFieldText Class
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    InputFieldText Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by InputFieldText.

    Public Constructors
    Public Constructor  
    Public Properties
    Public PropertyText alignment  
    Public PropertySets/gets control's font.  
    Public PropertySpecifies the maximum length of the text entered. When null, the text is not restricted to any specified length.  
    Public PropertyAllows more than a single-line entry in the text field.  
    Public PropertyUsed for format the Text property value  
    Public PropertyDisplays the user-entered text as a series of asterisks (*)  
    Public PropertyIndicates whether the text should be spell checked during its input or not.  
    Public PropertyA field, constant or expression whose value is displayed  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodChecks if the property value is available for this control  
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