ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
GrapeCity.ActiveReports Assembly / GrapeCity.ActiveReports.SectionReportModel Namespace / SubReport Class
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    SubReport Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by SubReport.

    Public Constructors
    Public ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the SubReport class.  
    Public Properties
    Public PropertyDetermines whether ActiveReports should increase the height of the control based on its content.  
    Public PropertyDetermines whether ActiveReports should decrease the height of the field based on its value.  
    Public PropertyDetermines whether or not subreport borders will be closed on every page on which the subreport is rendered.  
    Public PropertyGets or sets a reference to the instance of the report that this control will embed and render as part of the containing section.  
    Public PropertySpecifies the name of the subreport.  
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