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    Add Parameters
    In This Topic

    You can add parameters to a page report/RDL report to allow users to select the data to display, or to use in creating drill-through reports.

    To add a parameter

    1. In the Report Explorer, right-click the Parameters node and select Add Parameter. The Report Parameters dialog appears.
    2. On the General tab of the dialog, set the name, data type and prompt text for the parameter. For example:
      • Name: MPAA
      • Data type: String
      • Text for prompting users for a value: Enter value

      Select out of the checkbox options to allow null values, multivalues, blank value, multiline values or set hidden parameters.

    3. On the Available Values tab, you can select From query populate a list from the data set from which users can select a value. Alternatively, you can select Non-queried to enter your own values.
    4. On the Default Values tab, you can provide default values to use if the user does not select a value. This is useful when you are creating a hidden parameter.
    5. Click OK to save the parameter. The new parameter appears in the Report Explorer under the Parameters node.
    6. From the Report Explorer, drag the parameter to report design surface to create a TextBox that is bound to the parameter. When you run the report, the value that the user supplies in the prompt dialog displays in the bound TextBox on the report.

    For a step by step description of adding parameters in different scenarios look at the following pages:

    Add a Multi-Value Parameter
    Learn how to create a multi-value parameter.
    Add a Cascading Parameter
    Learn how to create cascading parameters where one parameter value is dependent on the selection of another.
    Set a Hidden Parameter
    Learn how to set a hidden parameter to allow data to fetched using the parameter value without prompting the user.
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