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    Blazor Viewer
    In This Topic

    Blazor is a framework for building interactive client-side web UI with .NET with the ability to interact with JS from C# and vice versa. See Introduction to ASP.NET Core Blazor link for more information.

    ActiveReports Blazor Viewer component is a wrapper over the JavaScript Viewer with a similar API.


    Topic Content
    User Interface Learn about the Blazor Viewer features available through UI.
    Blazor Viewer API Learn about the different options that you can can set during initialization or at run time while working with the Blazor Viewer.
    Blazor Viewer Integration Learn about how you can embed the Blazor Viewer component in your application.
    UI Customization Explore the different ways to customize the viewer toolbar and sidebar and learn to customize the export options available in the viewer.
    UI Localization This topic explains how you can set the UI language for the Blazor Viewer. It supports English, Japanese, and Chinese localizations.