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    Chart Wizard
    In This Topic

    The Chart data region features a Chart Wizard which takes you through the basic steps of creating a chart. The Chart Wizard automatically appears when you first add a chart control to a report. If you prefer not to have the wizard appear automatically, clear the Auto Run Wizard checkbox at the bottom of the wizard.

    The Chart Wizard has the following pages:

    Chart Type

    In the Chart Wizard that appears, the Chart Type page displays all available 2D and 3D chart types, along with a preview of the selected chart to the right. You can select the type of chart that you want to create and change the axes by selecting the Swap Axes checkbox. If you are using a 3D chart, you can also change the projection and light settings.


    The Appearance page has two tabs. The Palette tab allows you to select a color scheme. The Appearance tab allows you to select individual elements in the chart preview, such as its title, footer, legend, legend title, backdrop, and the chart itself and select appearance settings for them.


    The Series page has two tabs. The Series Settings tab allows you to set the data source for the chart and bind data fields to X and Y values for each series in the chart, and to add and remove chart series. You can even set different chart types for each series. The Data Points tab allows you to set static data values when you choose not to bind the X and Y values to data fields.


    The Title Page helps you to set properties for the header and footer titles. You can change the title text, font size and color, border settings, background color and visibility.


    The Axes page has two tabs, one for Axis X and the other for Axis Y. On these tabs, you can enter titles for the axes and set the font size and other font properties. This page also allows you to add and format labels, add tick marks and grid lines, and select whether to show the axis inside or outside the chart area.


    The Legend page allows you to set up the appearance of the legend. You can change its visibility, label appearance, header and footer text and appearance, layout, and location within the chart. You can also place the legend inside the chart by checking the Legend inside check box in the Position section.
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