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    Data Binding in Section Reports
    In This Topic

    Setting up a connection to the data source is the first step in binding data to the report. Once a successful connection is established, a query is required to get the data you want to show in the report.

    Data Sources

    In Section reports, you can set the data source information in the  Report Data Source dialog properties.

    The Report Data Source dialog is where you select the type of data to use, provide a connection string, create a query string, and choose other options for your data source. You can also control the timeout period and select a method for handling credentials. Once you add a data source, its fields appear under the Bound node in the Report Explorer. You can also add calculated fields in a section report.

    To quickly build the query strings, ActiveReports provides a JSON Query Designer for JSON provider, and a Visual Query Designer for OLEDB and SQL providers.

    Note: The Chart data region in Section reports have their own data sources and should be bound separately, similar to how the main report is bound.

    Supported Data Providers

    The supported data providers for designing section reports are: