ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
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In This Topic
    Design Page/RDL Reports
    In This Topic

    ActiveReports .NET Designer supports designing useful Page/RDL reports. This section covers a wide range of topics to transform data into meaningful insights:


    Learn the different types of layout options for your Page/RDL reports.

    Report Dialog

    Learn about the features available through report dialog in Page/RDL reports.

    Master Report (RDL Report)

    Learn about using master reports.


    Learn about layers that can overlay with other group of controls on a Page or an RDL report.


    Learn about expressions that you can use in reports.

    Data Visualizers

    Learn about Data Visualizers that let you create small graphs to make data easily comprehensible.


    Learn about filters in Page and RDL reports,

    Group Data

    Learn about grouping data in Page and RDL reports,


    Learn about the features in RDL and Page reports that support interactive capabilities.

    Report Appearance

    Learn about customizing the appearance of reports.

    Tutorials: Report Controls in Page/RDL Reports

    Learn how to design the Page and RDL reports in the Report Designer.

    Tutorials: Page/RDL report Scenarios

    Learn how to use Page/RDL report tutorials to create different types of report scenarios.