ActiveReports 17 .NET Edition
Report Readers: Viewer Components / Desktop Viewers
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    Desktop Viewers
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    As a report reader, you can view reports by running an application with the ActiveReports Viewer control integrated, and loading the report in the viewer. ActiveReports provides executable files for the Viewer controls (Windows and WPF) in the startup menu. You can use the samples available for WinForms and WPF platforms: WinViewer  or the WpfViewer.

    All the viewers provided by ActiveReports are feature-rich that allow you to easily view, print, and export reports. The viewers are highly interactive, giving you the ability to enter parameters, perform sort and drill down, navigate to other reports using drill-through links, and so on. The ActiveReports viewers toolbar and sidebar offer a handful of features. In addition, the viewers are customizable and localizable according to the personal needs.

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