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    Import SSRS
    In This Topic

    The ActiveReports 16 Import tool converts SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports to ActiveReports RDL reports.

    After conversion, most of the SSRS report controls are opened as is, with some limitations. Major differences in conversion are related to the TextBox and Chart controls.  

    Importing SSRS Reports in the ActiveReports Import Wizard

    1. Run the ActiveReports Import Wizard. The wizard can be run from the start menu or by executing GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Imports.Win.exe from %Program Files (x86)%\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 16\Tools location.
    2. In the ActiveReports Import Wizard that appears, click Next.
      ActiveReports Import Wizard screen

      ActiveReports Import Wizard screen

    3. Choose SQL Server (rdl) as the input format and click Next.
    4. Click the ellipsis button to browse to the location that contains the files that you want to import. A list of files that you can import appears.
    5. Select the reports to import, click Open, and then click Next to analyze them.
      Select the reports to import

      Select the reports to import

    6. Use the ellipsis button to select a destination folder to store the converted reports. Also select a TextBox conversion type for all reports in the drop-down list. The available options are as follows.
      • All - All textbox controls are converted to FormattedText.
      • None - All textbox controls are converted to TextBox, paragraph settings are lost.
      • Smart (default) - Textbox controls with more than one paragraph or TextRun is converted to FormattedText.
      Specify RDL import options

      Specify RDL import options

    7. Click Next to start the conversion.
    8. Once the conversion process is complete, click Finish to close the wizard and go the destination folder to view the converted reports. You may optionally leave the check on for the Open Log file checkbox to see the results log.
      Click Finish to close

      Click Finish to close

    Limitations in SSRS Chart Conversion

    The ActiveReports chart model and its implementation is different from the latest RDL specification, so you may need to manually adjust the conversion to achieve a similar behavior.

    These charts are not supported and ignored at conversion to ActiveReports.

      1. Sunburst
      2. Treemap
      3. ErrorBar
      4. Map
      5. Range Column
      6. Range Smooth
      7. Range Plain
      8. Gauges
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