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    Line (Section Report)
    In This Topic

    In ActiveReports, the Line control allows you to draw vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines that visually separate or highlight areas within a section on a report.

    Note: If you need lines to span across report sections, please see the CrossSectionLine control.

    You can use your mouse to visually move and resize the Line, or you can use the Properties window to change its X1, X2, Y1, and Y2 properties to specify the coordinates for its starting and ending points.

    Important Properties

    Property Description
    AnchorBottom Anchors the line to the bottom of the containing section so that the line grows along with the section.
    LineColor Gets or sets the color of the line.
    LineStyle Gets or sets the pen style used to draw the line.
    LineWeight Gets or sets the pen width of the line.
    X1 Gets or sets the horizontal coordinate of the line's starting point.
    X2 Gets or sets the horizontal coordinate of the line's end point.
    Y1 Gets or sets the vertical coordinate of the line's starting point.
    Y2 Gets or sets the vertical coordinate of the line's end point.

    Line Dialog

    With the control selected on the report, in the Commands section at the bottom of the Properties window, you can click the Property dialog command to open the dialog.


    Name: Enter a name for the line that is unique within the report. This name is displayed in the Document Outline and in XML exports. You can only use underscore (_) as a special character in the Name field. Other special characters such as period (.), space ( ), forward slash (/), back slash (\), exclamation (!), and hyphen (-) are not supported.

    Tag: Enter a string that you want to persist with the control. If you access this property in code, it is an object, but in the Properties window or Property dialog, it is a string.

    Visible: Clear this check box to hide the control.


    Line style: Select a line style to use for the line. You can set it to Transparent, Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, DashDotDot, or Double.

    Line weight: Enter the width for the line.

    Line color: Select a color to use for the line.

    Anchor at bottom: Select this check box to automatically change the Y2 value to the value of the bottom edge of the containing section after it has grown to accommodate data at run time.