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    Migrate from ActiveReports 2 COM
    In This Topic

    The reports in ActiveReports 2 COM, which is ActiveX version of ActiveReports, are saved in DSR/DSX format unlike .NET versions which saves report layouts in the XML based RPX format. Therefore, to migrate from ActiveReports 2 COM to ActiveReports for .NET, you need to save reports in ActiveReports 2 COM as .rpx file and embed it in ActiveReports 16 project. When you save the report layout as .rpx, ActiveReports only saves the code in the script editor. Any code behind the report is not saved to the RPX file, therefore, the code in the .cs or .vb file needs to be re-written.

    Embedding an RPX file in a Visual Studio Project

    Note: Adding an ActiveReports 2 COM report layout file (.rpx) directly to a project is not supported. Be sure to migrate using the following steps.
    1. From the Solution Explorer, select the project in which you want to add the item.
    2. From the Project menu, select Add New Item.
    3. From the Template pane, select ActiveReports 15 Section Report (code-based) or ActiveReports 15 Section Report (xml-based) file and click Add.
    4. From the Report menu, select the Load Layout option.
    5. Navigate to the location of the .rpx file, select the .rpx file, and click Open.
      • Script codes such as Visual Basic and C# are not imported properly.
      • The border shadow (Border.Shadow property) is not migrated.