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    Oracle Data Provider
    In This Topic

    Use this sample if you want to connect to the Oracle Data Provider, which is otherwise not available since System.Data.OracleClient is deprecated.

    Report Data Source - General dialog

    Sample Location

    Visual Basic.NET



    When you run this sample, a blank DesignerForm for RDL report is displayed. Connect to the Oracle data provider as follows:

    1. Add a data source.
    2. In the Report Datasource dialog, select Type as  Oracle Managed Data Access.
    3. Enter the connection string.

      Sample Oracle Connection String

      data source=in-data-sql/;user id=user1;password=password@123

      Now, proceed the report designing by pulling the data from Oracle data provider.

    The sample consists of following:

    TestDesignerPro.csproj: This is the default start up project.

    GrapeCity.ActiveReports.config: Located inside the startup project, it is a configuration file that contains the settings for using the oracle data provider:

    OracleConnectionAdapter.cs: This class provides features related to parameters such as handling multi-value paramaters and parameterized queries.

    GeneralOracleSchemaProvider.cs: This class generates DataSchema to enable visual query designer support.