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    Linear Trendline
    In This Topic

    A Linear trendline creates a best fit straight line that shows how values in a data series increase or decrease at a steady rate. This trendline uses the following equation:

    y=mx + b

    where "m" is the slope and "b" is the intercept.

    Property Description
    BackwardForecastPeriod Sets a number of periods that the forecast extends backward.
    DetailLevel Specifies if the overlay calculation should include the entire data set or each detail group. Select from Total or Group.
    FieldName Sets the field name for the reference line to use.
    ForwardForecastPeriod Sets a number of periods that the forecast extends forward.
    Intercept Sets the intercept value of Y-axis.
    LegendLabel Sets the legend label of the trendline.


    Sets the display position. Select from Front or Back.


    Enter the name of the trendline.

    Select the type of the trendline from the list of available types.

    LineStyle Sets the style of the line. Select the LineColor, LineStyle and LineWidth properties of the line.

    Chart Trendlines - Linear

    In the OverlayDesigner Collection Editor, you can set a Linear trendline with the properties as follows.

    Property Value
    LineStyle > LineColor Red
    LineStyle > LineStyle Solid
    LineStyle > LineWidth 3pt
    Configurations > BackwardForecastPeriod 0
    Configurations > DetailLevel Total
    Configurations > ForwardForecastPeriod 0
    General > Display Front
    General > Type LinearTrendline